Walker Furniture Over 75 Years
Family Owned, Managed and Operated
For Three Generations,
Continuously in Gainesville, FL since 1940

About Walker Furniture

Established in 1940

Ledger Walker opened Walker Furniture with two philosophies:

  • Take care of all customers, and they will take care of you.
  • If you don't grow, you grow smaller.
Walker Furniter 1940
First Walker Furniture Store

In this fast paced business world, corporate furniture stores sometimes forget about taking care of all customers. At Walker Furniture we still very much believe in both philosophies.

In 1940 Walker Furniture started with a 1600 sq. ft. store, today Walker Furniture has 2 stores.

We have organized the stores by furniture manufacturers and price ranges. A customer can shop for all price ranges. The arrangement of the stores along NW 8th Avenue has been so popular that the residents of Gainesville refer to it as "FURNITURE AVENUE".

Some furniture stores hire outside companies for their delivery service, or worse, don't deliver at all. Walker Furniture handles all of our customers' furniture with their delivery personnel to assure complete care and professionalism from the time you enter our store untilour delivery crews deliver your furniture.

Walker Family
Furniture Thats A Joy To Live With

Walker Furniture is a family furniture store in its third generation, where you know you are dealing with a Walker family member, not corporate managers.

Thank you for your business.
Benny L. Walker