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For Three Generations,
Continuously in Gainesville, FL since 1940
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Furniture That's A Joy To Live With!

About Walker Furniture

Walker Furniture Two Couples

Walker Furniture has been serving the Gainesville community since 1940. Our grandfather Ledger K Walker was a farmer in South Georgia. He wanted to give his son Benny L. Walker better opportunities at life so he moved his family to Gainesville, Florida. Ledger K. and our, grandmother Myrtice, opened a small 1600 sq. ft. furniture store in Downtown Gainesville. When Ledger K. Walker opened Walker Furniture, he had two guiding philosophies.

  • Take care of all your customers, and they will take care of you
  • If you don’t grow, you grow smaller.

In this fast-paced world of corporate stores sometimes they forget about taking care of all customers. At Walker Furniture we still very much believe in our grandfather’s teachings.

Walker Furniture Building with Round Corner old store

After many years of hard work, they were able to purchase property on NW 8th Ave. Our father, Benny L. Walker then worked with his parents and continued to grow the furniture business on 8th Ave. In the late 1980’s the third generation of Walker’s joined in the family business and we grew to 4 buildings of over 50,000 total sq ft.

Furniture that is a Joy to Live with 113 angle shot Color Photo Downtown Storefront

Walker Furniture New Storefront small

Then in 2008, we opened our new southwest showroom at 3413 SW 47th Ave, and in 2020 we expanded it and consolidated locations to our current size of 43,000 sq. ft.

We could not have done all these improvements if it was not for our great and loyal customers.

Walker Furniture is a family furniture store in its third generation, where you know you are dealing with a Walker family member, who were born and raised in Gainesville.

Thank you for your business.

-Mary Kate Walker & Myrtice Smith